Core Faculty Partners

Julie M. Croff, PhD, MPH

OSU Center for Health Sciences

Dr. Croff is a Professor in the Department of Rural Health. Previously, she served as the founding Director of the MPH program at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Croff’s research focuses on perinatal substance use and co-occurring exposures among diverse cohorts of women.

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Joseph M. Currin, PhD

United States Air Force Academy

Broadly speaking, Dr. Currin researches sexuality, sexual partner seeking and the use of technology, and barriers to health care for rural LGBT individuals. He recently is focusing on the use of mobile technology for communicating sexual desires to one’s romantic partner and the impact that engaging in sexting can have on one’s relationship.  At the Academy, he looks  forward to pursuing research into the barriers for seeking mental and medical care for cadets and other members of the military.

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Bridget M. Miller, PhD

Oklahoma State University

Dr. Miller’s research focuses on physical activity and the exploration of the cognitive mediators of post-exercise affect.  In other words, why do people feel better after they exercise?  She is also interested in finding new, effective ways to encourage physical activity as a means of health promotion across various populations. 

Denna L. Wheeler, PhD

OSU Center for Health Sciences

Dr. Wheeler is Clinical Associate Professor of Rural Health and Director of Rural Research & Evaluation within the Center for Rural Health. She is involved in numerous evaluation projects and provides methodological support to faculty within the lab.

Christopher Owens, PhD

Northwestern University

Dr. Owens is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing (ISGMH) at Northwestern University. His research focuses on HIV prevention and care continua in rural settings, as well as the health of sexual and gender minorities (SGM) living in rural settings. At ISGMH, he looks forward to pursuing research and training on the intersection of rurality, HIV prevention, SGM adolescents, technology, and implementation science.

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